New! Greeting cards

Letterpress, dot, and say HELLO


The Rare Originals

Take a journey through Otauna’s evolution by exploring the few existing originals


About Otauna

Otauna is a social enterprise. Thousands of people unite together through our programs to support individuals and charities. By doing so, they experience personal joy, hope, and positivity. Our mission is to increase these experiences and the lives we impact.



Get Dotting

Dot mandalas are used throughout our programs as a symbol of unity.
Our step by step pattern system allows everyone to take part. Find your level and join us in connecting the world.





The World Cares:
Mandalas of Hope

Representing a universal support system that includes the thousands of people involved in Otauna’s programs, Mandalas of Hope are mailed directly to recipients experiencing any of life’s most difficult challenges.

Program costs are paid for through Otauna sales and sponsors. The mandalas are painted by a volunteer in our growing global network.

Who in your life needs to know the world cares?


Get Involved

Dot for Charities

Your dots financially support the selected charity of the month. New patterns emailed to your inbox and a chance to win prizes.

Mandalas of Hope

Your dots represent the universal support of thousands. Learn where your mandalas travel and the lives they impact.

Global Dotting Time

Free live YouTube broadcasts bringing people together to dot simultaneously. A symbol of peace and unity.


Otauna’s Impact