New Rainbow Swirl Pattern

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The Foundation: Our Pattern System

three patterns.jpg

We created a step by step instructional system that allows people everywhere, young and young at heart, to paint the same dot mandala. No experience or artistic background required!

The system partners with our dotting tools. Start with the set of 7 and move on to also work with the set of 8 when you feel ready.

Our vision is to have people everywhere dotting the patterns to do powerful, amazing things for our world. Therefore, we’ve put together a number of resources, including lessons, our dotting vocabulary, and a page dedicated to teach you how to paint a pattern…


So join us to dot and make the world a more connected and awesome place.



Connect Your…


Connect your customers in support of charities and others through the sale of Otauna’s products.


Hold a “Dotting Club” of friends and family, creating to connect and support others.


Offer dotting classes in your community, using Otauna’s patterns, products, and connecting to our programs.


Connect your educational facility with Otauna’s packages and programs. Launching soon.


You support the well being, development, and growth of others through your service. Connect them with Otauna’s packages and programs. Launching soon.



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