Referral Program



In Otauna’s Referral Program, key people and influencers promote Otauna’s brand and mission through their social media channels. In return, affiliates in the program receive a percent of all sales attributed to their leads. Otauna provides access to our tracking and conversion software, allowing affiliates to monitor every lead, sale, and commission. Using social media, images provided by Otauna through the software and/or sharing other Otauna content, affiliates earn income while supporting a more connected and united world.

  • Affiliates in the program earn 5% commission (before any applicable taxes and/or shipping charges).

  • Otauna uses the software to share current images and information with affiliates. Affiliates log in to the software anytime to access these items, track sales, and monitor their leads.

  • Pay outs to affiliates are made during the first week of the month through PayPal.

  • All sales financially support our founding program, the Mandalas of Hope. Affiliates are a key part of expanding the Otauna mission.

  • Affiliates have 5000 or more followers through one or more social media platforms. Some exceptions to this may be made.


Become an Affiliate

First, read our program terms and conditions.

Next, complete the form below.

We will review your application. We will then connect with you if you are a great fit for Otauna’s Referral Program and/or we require any further information.

Once your application is approved, we set up your profile in our software system, provide you with log in information, and then you are ready to begin!

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