Beginner Level

$1 from every pattern purchased supports the Mandalas of Hope program


Free tools


Beginner level deal

Purchase any 8 patterns on this page (in one order) and receive a free set of 7 dotting tools.




Our free Global Dotting Time events are the perfect way for beginners to get dotting and connecting.



Dotting goals for beginner level

  • Get comfortable making dots. Start with the Otauna set of 7 tools and check out this video.

  • Learn the step by step Otauna pattern system. Check out this page.

  • Master the 8 point mandala set up. All patterns on this page are 8 point mandalas.

  • Use the center dot to build mandalas as aligned as possible. Stick to patterns that are less than 6” until this develops. All patterns on this page are 6” or less.



Mandalas Inspired by the Season



Fundraising and Previous Years’ Dot for Charities Patterns


Community Mandalas/ Mandalas from Special Events


Just Because We Love to Dot


Designed Around the World

The mandalas in this section were created in collaboration with our global team of designers. To learn more about each artist, visit this page.