Mandalas of Hope




Champions & the Mission

Otauna’s mission is focused on connecting people. This means overcoming barriers that hinder people from participating in our programs. These barriers include but are not limited to lack of personal finances, geographical isolation, lack of resources such as access to the Internet, and language and cultural barriers. There is a lot of work to be done.

The average cost to send a Mandala of Hope is $17.70. Expenses are covered through a portion of Otauna sales and a $10 sponsorship for every Mandala of Hope.

Money contributed by champions will be designated for sponsoring Mandalas of Hope for those who can not afford to pay the $10 sponsorship.

The cost of sending a  Mandala of Hope  is covered by these three sources of funds.

The cost of sending a Mandala of Hope is covered by these three sources of funds.

How it Works

Champions contribute to the program on a monthly subscription basis. It costs $10 to sponsor one Mandala of Hope. Choose how many per month you wish to sponsor and sign up accordingly.

Cancel your subscription anytime.

Otauna will take care of the rest. When we receive notice through our online form, found at the bottom of the Request a Mandala of Hope page, that an individual is unable to contribute a $10 sponsorship to the program, we will use available sponsorship funds to cover this expense. We notify the individual and they submit a request without having to contribute anything financially.



  1. Will the money from Champion subscriptions be used for anything else? In these early months of the new program, no. This money will be used to sponsor some of the cost of Mandalas of Hope only (Otauna continues to cover the remainder). As the program evolves, however, and if Champion subscriptions grows, they may be used to overcome other barriers listed at the top of this page. If and when this stage is reached, Champions will be notified. Money from Champion subscriptions will never be used for any other purpose.

  2. How will I learn about the impact of being a Champion? If you give us permission when you subscribe, we will add you to our Champion email list. We will send out information about the impact of the contributions from Champions on a quarterly basis.

  3. Do I receive a charitable tax receipt? Otauna is structured as a social enterprise and not a registered charity. Therefore, we are not able to issue charitable tax receipts.


Champion Subscriptions