Community Hosts


Meet the wonderful individuals spreading the dotting joy and connecting their community to Otauna.



Victoria, BC

Host 014
Facebook Page: Poppy Rocks

Hi, my name is Erin! I'm a solo mom by choice to my daughter, Poppy. I discovered rock painting in August 2016 through a local rock hunting group and quickly became hooked. I became a dotter for TKR in the fall of 2017, which I absolutely love. I’m excited to teach others to make mandalas and share the joy and fulfillment that it brings me. Check out my Poppy Rocks page for upcoming classes and contact me for your private group or birthday party.



Windsor, ON

Host 015

Such meaningful and great enjoyment to complete dot mandalas using Otauna’s technique and philosophy! I am striving to spread the word of this program and I hope that I can get others on board to make a difference in the stressful situation's of people’s lives. Camaraderie, kindness, and enjoying a fun-filled skill like dot mandala making is a great addition to one’s lifestyle.