Pattern Designer Application

Now accepting applications to fill up to four spots with Pattern Designers who will pilot our new training program.


About this Opportunity

The role of Pattern Designer is an exciting opportunity for dot mandala artists to share their creations in a unique way with the continuously growing global Otauna community. Pattern Designers work collaboratively with Otauna to transform their designs into step by step instructions purchased and then dotted by others. Pattern Designers earn commission from every sale of their patterns.

Otauna’s vision for this role is to build a diverse group of dot mandala designers representing countries, regions, and various cultural groups from around the world. This network will play a key part in Otauna’s mission to unite people while supporting individuals and charities. The team of Pattern Designers powerfully transcends borders and embodies exactly what the dot mandalas represent in all of Otauna’s work: a collection of individuals uniting together to impact the world.

If you are an expert in creating original dot mandala designs, work well in collaborative teams, and are magnetically drawn to Otauna’s mission, read on for more details and how to apply.



Training program

Accepted Pattern Designers take part in a training program using the Google Classroom platform. Guided by Otauna founder, director, and experienced educator, Ginger, the training program introduces the dot mandala artist to Otauna and the elements of the pattern system.

Once familiar with the basics, designers then work through modules to develop a thorough understanding of each level, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, in the pattern system. At each level, the Pattern Designer creates one or more patterns, submitting to Ginger for review, feedback, and any necessary additional work.

At the conclusion of the training program, the dot mandala artist has an in-depth knowledge of the pattern system and has collaboratively developed a minimum of six patterns. These first patterns, along with the artists’ photo and bio, will be posted to the Otauna website for sale and the artist is publicly welcomed as an Otauna Pattern Designer.

Note: There is a one-time $200 fee (+ taxes to Canadian citizens). This is paid after the individual has applied and been accepted into the program and covers Otauna’s human resource time invested in the training process. Should the accepted individual fail to complete the training program successfully, the fee is not refunded.

Compensation & Support of the Otauna mission

  • Otauna Pattern Designers earn 20% commission on the sales of their patterns. This amount is calculated based on the price before any applicable taxes.

  • Of the Otauna portion, $1 from each pattern sold is contributed to the Mandalas of Hope program.

  • Payment to Pattern Designers is made during the first week of the month for sales made during the previous month.

  • Sales are tracked and logged by Otauna management. When pay outs are made, Pattern Designers receive a report outlining sales made and how the sales of their patterns support the Mandalas of Hope program.

  • Otauna provides payment to Pattern Designers through PayPal.

Ownership & Intellectual property

  • It is critical that any designs presented by a Pattern Designer to Otauna be completely of the Pattern Designer’s creation and an original work.

  • Otauna works with available resources to apply proactive measures to protect intellectual property and to address any issues that arise.

  • The written instructions Otauna produces in collaboration with Pattern Designers are Otauna content and intellectual property, meaning that:

    • Otauna makes choices around how the pattern instructions are marketed (pricing, promotions, combinations of products, and/or discontinuing the sale of the pattern).

    • The pattern instructions are not to be sold or given away elsewhere unless with permission by Otauna.

    • Otauna may alter the original pattern instructions.

  • For every pattern developed, there is an original painting created by the Pattern Designer. This is the property of the Pattern Designer, as well as any other copies he/she paints subsequently.


Role Requirements

  • Experience creating original dot mandala designs, including various finished sizes and different levels of complexity.

  • Access to and working knowledge of Google applications, including Google Classroom.

  • Other technology skills that include, but are not limited to, photo taking, photo editing, and social media apps.

  • Learn the Otauna pattern system through our training platform in Google Classroom. The approximate total course time is 25 hours and Pattern Designers are expected to complete the course within 6 weeks after receiving notice of their successful application.

  • A passion to support, promote, share, and be part of the Otauna mission.

  • Active social media account(s) related to dot mandalas. The Pattern Designer, with Otauna’s guidance, promotes their patterns and Otauna’s mission on these platforms.

  • Excellent written communication skills.

  • Excellent time management skills.

  • Agreeing to Otauna’s terms and conditions for the role of Pattern Designer.

  • PayPal account.

  • Care, attention, and sensitivity to the intellectual property of peers, artists, and other creatives.

  • Treating Otauna trade secrets, intellectual property, and copyright materials with care, attention, and confidentiality.

  • Pattern Designers must have our the set of 7 dotting tools, our set of 8 dotting tools, and our set of 9 circle templates before they can begin the training program. Successful applicants will receive a discount of 50% off any tools they do not already own.


Application Form

We thank everyone for applying.
Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted
as we are able to expand the global Pattern Designer team.

Name *
Address *
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
I understand there is a one-time non-refundable fee of $200 (plus applicable taxes for Canadian citizens). Should I be accepted to the program, I agree to pay this plus purchase any Otauna tools required at 50% off.
Outline your history as a dot mandala artist.
We are building a diverse group of individuals who bring to Otauna the energy of various countries, regions, cultural groups, and so on. Tell us about you!
Why do you want to be part of the Otauna mission as a Pattern Designer?
This is a collaborative and creative role, one that will likely offer many exciting opportunities as Otauna evolves. What experiences do you have working on a team and/or collaborating?
We are excited to work with people from all areas of the world. Information provided here is to help us collaborate effectively. What is your comfort level with English (speaking, reading, writing)? What languages do you communicate in fluently?