Shipping Donation 

The Travelling Kindness Rocks program is financed in two ways:

  1. A percentage of every sale of Otauna products and program involvement covers shipping and other expenses

  2. Donations made to cover shipping costs


Travelling Kindness Rocks are a symbol of support from everyone around the world to those who receive them. We connect together in the dots of the mandala on the Travelling Kindness Rocks, a tangible message of hope for recipients.

Although there is no cost to recipients or those who request a Travelling Kindness Rock, there are costs involved to offer this free service. These include, but are not limited, to:

  • Postage: the average cost to ship a Travelling Kindness Rock is $7

  • Shipping supplies

  • Office supplies

  • Communication platforms, like this website and our newsletter

  • Employees to run all aspects of the program, including communicating with requesters, communicating on social media, and training new volunteer dotters

The support and involvement of an increasing number of people allows us to maintain and expand this service. Our commitment is that as financial support increases, we will expand the team of volunteers and fulfill more requests for Travelling Kindness Rocks.