Dotting Tools


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Our dotting tools are an important part of the Otauna pattern system. We continue to make most elements of our dotting tools by hand in our own work space.


set of 9 dotting tools

A special part of Otauna’s evolution, the set of 9 dotting tools were made popular by Krisin Uhrig’s videos after she purchased one of the first six sets we made in the summer of 2016.

Our pattern system was in its infancy during this time period. With a vision for thousands to take part in Otauna’s programs, we knew an alternative to the labour-intensive, higher priced set of 9 dotting tools was needed. We then developed the set of 7 dotting tools and most recently the set of 8 dotting tools, both partnering with our pattern system, shipping inexpensively, and we can produce these at an increasing volume to match the vision of connecting millions around the world.

Our set of 9 dotting tools will now be phased out. At this point we are still maintaining an interest list and will create and sell sets of 9 if and when we are able. To add your name to the interest list, contact us at