BRIDGEWATER: One for you, one for the world

BRIDGEWATER: One for you, one for the world


Date: Wednesday, May 8th
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Location: The Salt Spa & Wellness Centre
Civic address: 373 King Street, Bridgewater, NS
Recommended for ages 9+

Open to beginners and experienced dotters, this special event celebrates the transformation of our Travelling Kindness Rocks program to the Mandalas of Hope. Event participants with dotting experience have the opportunity to paint a second mandala during the event that Otauna sends through our global program as a message of universal support to one recipient. All materials supplied and everyone leaves with their painted copy of our new pattern, STRENGTH.

DOT 1 LARGE DISC: Required for all beginners and recommended for anyone who has not yet worked with our set of 8 dotting tools to create small scaled versions of our patterns. Participants will create one copy of the STRENGTH mandala on a 6” disc which they keep at the end of the event.

DOT 2 SMALL DISCS: Open for anyone who has experience dotting our patterns in the smaller size. Participants will create two copies of the STRENGTH mandala, each on a 3” disc. One will be for the participant to keep, the other will become a Mandala of Hope and sent to a recipient somewhere in the world. Dotters will later learn about where their Mandala of Hope is mailed.

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