Otauna’s Founder & CEO


My name is Ginger. I believe my life's purpose is to create Otauna, an organization with the mission to connect humanity.

Prior to painting my first dot, for the beginning 36 years of life, I had a sense that I am here to do something specific, some sort of career or project. As a young girl, I was drawn to music. I excelled at it, studied it in university, and started to teach others. I knew this was not it, but had a peace that whatever it is, was laying dormant until something more unfolded. I went on to study education and let a career in the field develop for ten years, finding fulfillment and meaning, yet still knew this was not it.

Then one day in May 2015, I painted a few dots with my grade 5 students as part of a classroom activity. The spark that had laid dormant for so long ignited and very soon I knew this is it.

In the same time period, I trained in energy healing modalities, which served to strengthen my intuition and my understanding that the platform I'm creating is my healing offering to the world. An inner knowing guides me along this pathway, from the minutest of details, such as the tool size to use at a specific step in a mandala, to larger decisions, such as when and how to expand the organization.

This path requires tremendous trust. Sometimes I waver and doubt creeps in. Just like the centre white dot of all Otauna mandalas, I then align myself with my Source by meditating, spending time in nature, and reading inspiring books.

I usually call myself the creator of Otauna and not founder because this path is one that stretches out far beyond the point in time of me writing this: I am still creating the platform that is Otauna. There will be a time when Travelling Kindness Rocks are painted by thousands of volunteers from multiple countries and the colourful mandala dots will represent millions who financially support their journeys. When that free gift, from no one specifically and everyone collectively, is opened by a person experiencing grief, battling an illness, or any other of life's most darkest times, they will be holding a physical representation of all of humanity's support in their hands. All they will have to do, when in doubt or pain or fear, is look down on the dots and see us all right there with them.

It is my hope that as our organization grows, our work will help fade boundary lines and the walls humans have built up will soften. The pattern process has the ability to solidify connections across countries and cultural and religious groups and remind us that we are one human family. In times of conflict, strife, or disaster, humanity will have a platform to respond with people around the globe dotting the same mandala design. People everywhere will hold it up, unified, in our stance of support of one another, connection, and peace.

This is my life's purpose.

October 2017