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Fundraiser Events

A Travelling Kindness Rocks event is all about folks learning the enjoyable, creative pastime of dotting mandalas while supporting your cause and the global giving of Travelling Kindness Rocks. 

Participants having a dotting good time at a Canada 150 event.

Participants having a dotting good time at a Canada 150 event.

Pick Your Pattern
Participants in the dotting event will create their own copy of one of our dot mandala designs. We provide card stock, perfect for framing, but folks are welcome to bring along an alternate surface to dot on, such as a rock or canvas.
To see possible patterns for your event, visit the online shop. We can also design a pattern that represents your cause, organization, or group. Ask us for a quote.

Travelling Kindness Rocks will keep $18 from every registration. Your organization will decide on how much will be added on to the registration fee, which will be donated to your group at the conclusion of the event. For instance, if we charge $30, $18 will stay with Travelling Kindness Rocks and $12 will be donated to your group. (Tax will be added on to registration fees.)

A $100 deposit is due to confirm your event. This will be refunded in full to you, along with your funds raised, if your registration of 17 participants is met.

Registration Process
Participants will register and make payment through us, either through our website or in person at the Travelling Kindness Rocks Shop. All payments must be complete 24 hours prior to the event. No payments are taken at the event.
We maintain a registration list as a Google docs file, which a representative from your group can have access to leading up to the event.

Time Frame
Allow 2.5 hours for the dotting fun. An hour is needed prior to the start of the event for set up and approximately 45 minutes for event clean up.

A venue that accommodates the number of participants, including tables and chairs, and an appropriate space for projecting computer equipment (ie. a screen or pale-coloured wall) is needed. It is your organization's responsibility to book the venue. Any cost for the venue will be covered equally between Travelling Kindness Rocks and your group.

Other Details

  • It is the responsibility of your organization to promote the event to ensure the registration minimum of 17 is met.
  • We can currently take up to 100 participants. 
  • Event fees are non-refundable, but participants are welcome to transfer their spot to someone else should they not be able to attend.
  • There are natural breaks in the dot mandala process, a great opportunity for additional fundraising should your group choose to run a 50/50 draw, canteen, etc.

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