Fundraiser Events

5 Reasons to Run a Fundraiser with Otauna

  1. Otauna has worked with numerous groups to offer successful fundraiser events in support of individuals in need and non-profit organizations.

  2. More than beautiful creations, the dots in the mandalas painted symbolize each individual supporting your cause.

  3. A fun-filled dotting event not only supports your cause, but introduces participants to Otauna’s mission. Your supporters can keep dotting to do more positive stuff when your event is over.

  4. A portion of Otauna’s profits funds our founding program, the Mandalas of Hope.



Planning a successful fundraising event with Otauna is simple. Here’s what we will need to know.

Pick Your Pattern
Participants in the dotting event will paint their own copy of one of our dot mandala designs following our step by step system. Otauna founder, Ginger, will work with you to select the pattern that best suits your event.

Price & Dotting Surface
Otauna provides all supplies and can offer participants two different types of surfaces to paint on, card stock or wooden disc. If a participant dots on card stock, Otauna keeps $15 from the registration cost. If a participant dots on a wooden disc, Otauna keeps $20 from the registration cost. Your organization decides how much will be added on to the registration fee charged. This additional amount will be donated to your group at the conclusion of the event.

Here is one possible fee structure:
$30 + tax to paint on card stock, with $15 donated to your cause
$35 + tax to paint on a wooden disc, with $15 donated to your cause

Time & Date
Allow 2.5 hours for the dotting fun. An hour is needed prior to the start of the event for set up and approximately 45 minutes for event clean up.

A venue that accommodates the number of participants, including tables and chairs, and an appropriate space for projecting computer equipment (ie. a screen or pale-coloured wall) is needed. It is your organization's responsibility to book the venue. Any cost for the venue will be covered equally between Otauna and your group.

Refundable Deposit
Once you have decided to move forward with planning a fundraiser event with Otauna, a $100 deposit is due. This is fully refunded if the minimum number of participants (20) is reached.


Promotion & Registration

Registration Process
Participants will register and make payment through Otauna, either through our website or by phone. All payments must be complete 24 hours prior to the event. No payments are taken at the event. We maintain a registration list as a Google docs file, which a representative from your group can have access to leading up to the event.

Webpage for Registration
Event information will be posted and registrations made at

Facebook Event Page
Otauna will create a Facebook event page specific to your fundraiser event. We will make posts on this page leading up to the event.

Promote to your supporters
It is the responsibility of your organization to promote the event to ensure the registration minimum of 20 is met.


At the Event

Co-organizing groups are encouraged to be on hand to help with set up and clean up as well as to connect and welcome their supporters as they arrive.

There are natural breaks in the dotting process. This is a great opportunity for additional fundraising should your group choose to run a 50/50 draw, canteen, etc.

Otauna creator, Ginger, will arrive at set up time, prepare a spot for all participants, and hook up our technology equipment. Once participants are settled, the event begins with a brief introduction to Otauna’s mission as well as any information your group would like to share. The rest of the time is spent dotting through the selected pattern at a pace that suits the group.

Otauna products are available for purchase at the event and as well as other program information.

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