Global Dotting Time

When the world unites

Live YouTube broadcast dotting events open to everyone.
Unite, dot, and focus on a positive theme along with participants around the world.
Donations to the Mandalas of Hope program welcome.

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The world unites
Global Dotting Time brings together participants from around the world to dot and focus on a positive theme. Using live YouTube broadcasting, participants dot their way simultaneously through an introduction level pattern, directed by Otauna founder and experienced educator Ginger.

Intention setting
The mandala dotted together represents a positive theme. During the event, we set an intention to positively focus and think about the theme as we dot. Our collective concentration on the topic radiates into our lives and our world.

Donations welcome
In our founding program, Mandalas of Hope, dot mandalas are painted by our global volunteer team and mailed using funds raised through Otauna sales and sponsors. 100% of donations made here on the top of this page go towards this program.


Important for Beginners

Global Dotting Time events are open to everyone and even beginners will successfully dot their way through the mandala. However, beginners please take time prior to your first event to learn how to use dotting tools as this is not covered during live broadcasts. Check out this link and practice making some dots:


DREAM: September 17

This event is cancelled due to issues with our internet connectivity. We regret any inconvenience this may have. When the connectivity issues are resolved, this event will be rescheduled.


Global Dotting Time Patterns


WIll the broadcast be available for viewing after the live event?

Yes. However, we encourage participants to join in live whenever possible.
There is a powerful connection made between participants experienced during the live broadcast.
This is amplified with every individual who can join us to dot simultaneously.