Travelling Kindness Rocks Group Events

Dotting the Terry Fox Foundation pattern.

Dotting the Terry Fox Foundation pattern.

A Travelling Kindness Rocks dotting event is a fun-filled activity for kids, a wellness session for non-profit and for-profit organizations, and/or the beginning of many relaxing, creative sessions for friends, family, and co-workers. With our pattern process and participants dotting the same mandala, it can also be a symbol of unity.

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As the Travelling Kindness Rocks organization expands, so does the options for group dotting events! We can currently take up to 100 participants, offer a variety of dot mandala projects based on our pattern process, and can run an event where we collect registrations or the group is organized by you.

Make it a Fundraiser: Turn a Travelling Kindness Rocks event into a fundraiser for your cause. For more information, click here.


Pick Your Pattern Or Commission One for Your Organization

What will your group dot at your event?

We have a growing collection of patterns, using the step by step system we developed, to choose from. Visit our online shop to view some pattern options.

We can also design a pattern that represents your cause or organization. Ask us for a quote.

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