Healing Benefits

Otauna’s programs takes the positive outcomes of making art and mandalas and
amplifies the benefits by offering a space to experience our oneness and interconnectedness.

Below are some possible benefits from being involved. Experiences will vary from person to person and
outcomes listed here are general in nature and not guaranteed.


Experience Connectedness

  • Lower levels of anxiety and depression

  • Heightens self esteem

  • Greater empathy for others

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Facilitates emotional healing and resilience when others empathize and understand your experience

  • Being part of a giving and receiving network fosters a sense of purpose

  • Being part of a giving and receiving network increases a willingness to ask for help and a sense of belonging for those we ask


Making Art & Mandalas

  • Reduces stress levels regardless of skill level

  • Fosters attention and concentration

  • Develops patience and perseverance

  • Develops spatial awareness

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure

  • Allows you to be in the moment and clear your mind

  • Creates a time and space for calmness


Otauna Programs Have Touched the Lives of people who Are…

  • Experiencing a physical illness

  • Experiencing mental health issues

  • Impacted by the charities our programs have financially supported

  • Overcoming a traumatic life event (accident, custody battle, home fire, and so on)

  • Experiencing grief due to the loss of a friend, family member, co-worker, pet, or a break up

  • Caregivers to ill family members

  • Escaping an abusive relationship

  • Feeling isolated, lonely, and/or separated from loved ones

  • Going through stressful life circumstances (work, family, financial, single parents, and so on)

  • Experiencing pregnancy loss and/or fertility issues

  • Bullied / harassed

  • Long term disabled

  • Overcoming addiction

  • Seniors

  • Youth with special needs

… involved.
And by being involved experience the benefits of
connecting in a supportive global network.