Hosts Corner



Welcome Hosts to your corner of the Travelling Kindness Rocks website. Here you will find information, patterns, and the spot to register your dotting groups.

You are an important dot

The organized, colourful dots of the mandala on Travelling Kindness Rocks symbolize the united gesture of support sent to recipients. This is a visual representation of our growing, global network, which you are an important part of.

You are like one of the larger, foundation dots in each mandala. You align with the mission and philosophy of Travelling Kindness Rocks (like the center dot) and your efforts spread the word and dotting joy to people in your community (like the smaller dots that outline a larger one.)

You are helping Travelling Kindness Rocks grow in all aspects: There will be requests for Travelling Kindness Rocks submitted from your dotting participants, more funds flowing in to financially support their journeys, and future volunteer TKR dotting team members will get their start with you. Now, how awesome is that! 

Host pages

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