How to Paint a Pattern 


Learn how to follow the otauna pattern system

Join in with Ginger, Reid, and friends around the world to dot your copy of the Ocean Breeze Summer pattern.

The video lesson and sample written instructions are everything you need as an introduction to learning the Otauna pattern system.

We hope it just the beginning of your involvement in Otauna and connecting with others around the world through our programs.


Required materials:

  • Our set of 7 dotting tools

  • 6” x 6” surface to dot on, such as a piece of black card stock

  • Scrap piece of paper for a dotting warm up

  • Hair dryer (or wait until your dots air dry)

  • Paints close to the following shades:

    • white

    • mustard yellow

    • butter yellow

    • light ocean breeze

    • ocean breeze

    • aqua

    • turquoise

    • black


Otauna pattern system

As shown in this sample, the Otauna pattern system leads the dotter step by step through replicating the same mandala.

Our patterns are dotted for fun but are also used as a symbol of human interconnectedness throughout our programs. It is our mission to foster the learning of this system so that more and more people around the world can connect in positive ways. Explore our website to find out more.

You can purchase patterns in our online shop. Every purchase financially supports the journeys of the free Travelling Kindness Rocks.