Otauna Questionnaire

 For potential otauna dotting instructors.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
Your input will help us shape a program that focuses on connecting even more people to do positive things in the world and
provides instructors with the best possible programming.

Type of role
Check all that apply. I am interested in running an Otauna program...
Start up supplies
To get a program going, there is an initial expense incurred, including the cost of Otauna dotting tools.
Resources for instructors
As an instructor, which resources would you like Otauna to provide? Check all that interest you.
Other than those listed above, are there any other resources you'd like Otauna to provide? If so, please explain here.
Proper use of Otauna content
Otauna is working to address issues of improper use of our content, particularly the use of patterns.
Program format question 1
I am interested in running a program where I teach the same pattern as other instructors around the world, focused on the same positive theme, with Otauna directing the specific content of the program.
Program format quesiton 2
I am interested in using Otauna patterns at events where I pick the pattern and event focus.
Program format question 3
I would like to receive printed instruction packages from Otauna, with copies of the patterns I then provide to participants at my events and an instructors guide for the specific pattern.
Program format question 4
I would like to use Otauna's digital patterns at my events, paying Otauna for use of these patterns, and then distributing the pattern to my participants.
Do you have any other thoughts on programming? Explain here.
Otauna's Mission
The role of Community Host/ instructor will likely lead to more opportunities for involvement in Otauna's mission. Check the items that interest you at this time.
Do you have any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Share them here.