Printed & Digital Patterns


Using Copies of Digital Patterns

The $5 fee paid per participant gives you the right to make copies of the instructions for one digital pattern based on the number of participants.

Participants are, therefore, able to keep their personal copy of the pattern instructions you provide at your event and/or you can email each participant a digital copy.

Thank you for respecting copyright laws and in turn supporting Otauna’s mission.


Digital version of patterns available in instructors starting packs


Purchase Printed Patterns

Printed patterns may be NOT be copied.

A free Instructors’ Guide is available for each pattern.

Instructors may wish to purchase a set of printed patterns, keep them on file, and reuse multiple times at dotting events. Alternatively, you may wish to include the cost of printed patterns in your event fees, with each participant keeping his/her copy at the conclusion of the dotting fun.