Set of 9 Circle Templates

Set of 9 Circle Templates


Otauna’s set of 9 circle templates take the pattern system and your mandalas to a whole new level of amazing possibilities and beauty. The set includes 9 different sizes ranging from 1” to 4” in diameter and made of durable wood. The smallest circle transitions seamlessly in size increment from the largest dotting tool in the Otauna set of 7.

Each template has a hole in the center and is marked with guidelines, allowing the user to…

  • Position the circle to mark the mandala center point and other guide marks

  • Perfectly place the template on drawn guidelines to align with the center of a mandala

  • Accurately position the circle on the edge or corner of a surface

  • Make geometric shapes and designs

The set of circle templates enhances the Otauna pattern system. With corresponding new and upcoming instructions for various skill levels, easily make larger “dots” and get ready to try new techniques and mandala making approaches.

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