Bring joy to your own life while helping unite the world

Experience the magical combination of the Otauna pattern system,
Ginger’s teaching know-how, and a nurturing global learning community.



About the Sessions

In the Joyful Mandala Sessions, participants join in a global learning community focused on starting your dot mandala journey (beginner level), taking your skills to the next step (intermediate level), or connecting with avid dotters to work through a challenging project (advanced level). Your experience will be guided and instructed by Otauna founder and director, Ginger.

A private Facebook group is the hub of activity for your two week long session. It is the space for posing questions for feedback, connecting with others, and live tutorials with Ginger. Live tutorials are available for viewing anytime until the final date of the session.

Your session includes specific instructional Otauna pattern(s) at your level emailed to you. Dot them over and over again.

5% of your session fee is contributed to the Mandalas of Hope program.

After completing their first class with Ginger, beginners proudly display their Rainbow Mandala.

After completing their first class with Ginger, beginners proudly display their Rainbow Mandala.


Learn and grow your dot mandala painting skills, taking part in the session that is just right for you at this moment in your personal journey.


Participate in the private Facebook group for your session, a nurturing community of learners from around the world. Share your experiences and gain support from others at your level.


The mindful process of painting mandalas is amplified as you work through projects with others around the world. Update posts let you know how your participation is positively impacting others through the Mandalas of Hope program.


Meet Ginger

Hello! As founder and director of Otauna, I am so excited to gather with you and others around the world to guide your personal mandala painting journey.

Teaching is one of my biggest passions. I was a dedicated public school teacher for 14 years before Otauna (first called Travelling Kindness Rocks) began. I hold a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Education (Leadership) and have been called teacher, instructor, or facilitator by tens of thousands of folks.

Since leaving my teaching position to shift my life’s work to focus on Otauna’s mission of uniting the world, I have developed tools, techniques, and the pattern system so anyone anywhere can join in this movement. I am proud to share that these resources are key for beginners who are self-professed “un-crafty” in finding overwhelming joy in their own success with painting dot mandalas. On the other end of the spectrum, I love developing advanced instructions that continuously stretch and challenge those eager to progress their abilities.


The Joyful Mandala Sessions are designed to unite you with others in a nurturing learning community. I am so excited to meet you in one (or more!) of these special experiences. To learn more about me, my vision for Otauna, and personal journey, click here.


Beginner sessions


Level Learning goals:

  • Awareness of dotting materials and supplies.

  • Become comfortable making dots.

  • Understand and be able to use Otauna instructional patterns independently.

  • Master the 8 point mandala structure.

  • Begin to develop skills for proper alignment with the center of the mandala.

  • Begin to develop skills for fixing mistakes.


SEssion projects:

Left to right: Orange & Turquoise Mandala, Rainbow Mandala, and Balance Mandala

Left to right: Orange & Turquoise Mandala, Rainbow Mandala, and Balance Mandala


Intermediate Sessions


Level Learning goals:

  • Create small scaled dot mandalas.

  • Successfully use Otauna’s duo-purpose instructions to create both large and small versions of mandalas.

  • Understand and paint mandalas of various structures (6 point, 12 point, and so on).


Session Projects:

Left to right: CALM Mandala, Sunbeam Mandala, and the 6 Point Rainbow Mandala

Left to right: CALM Mandala, Sunbeam Mandala, and the 6 Point Rainbow Mandala



Advanced Sessions

The advanced level sessions are structured differently than the beginner and intermediate sessions:

  • The project is different every session. Each one is a brand new pattern that will not be released on the Otauna website until the conclusion of the session.

  • Participants work through one project in the session that will touch on one or more learning goals for the advanced level. Goals include creating large-scale mandalas, working with templates, more steps in the process than the intermediate level, and/or working with mandalas that fit within distinct shapes.

  • Depending on the needs of the group, Ginger’s role working with advanced participants may shift to be that of a facilitator rather than teacher, guiding conversations around skill growth, much like a masterclass format.

  • Because projects in each session are different, please see the specific information on required surface size, estimated time to complete the project, and dotting tools required.



More Details

The unique otauna experience


What can I expect from taking part? Along with the elements listed at the top of this page, you may find like many others do that the process of creating mandalas is a meditative one. Also, the finished mandala is often used as a tool for mindful practices and/or a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. If you are new to painting dot mandalas, please be aware: it is highly addictive!

How does my participation help unite the world? Otauna is focused on offering and expanding programs that allow people to experience in a very real way that humans around the globe are interconnected. In the Joyful Mandala Sessions, you will paint the same mandala(s) as others in your learning community. Also, your participation supports the Mandalas of Hope program and in turn the people who receive them. And you may find a session is like a seed, growing your interest to take part in Otauna’s programs in new ways that speak to you.

Registration questions

I’m not sure: Should I take part in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced session?

Use these guidelines to select your session:

  • You are best suited for a BEGINNER session if…

    • You have not yet painted a dot mandala

    • Or you have tried painting a dot mandala but haven’t felt very successful yet

  • You are best suited for an INTERMEDIATE session if…

    • You have only painted Otauna’s beginner level patterns

    • Or you have never worked with the Otauna set of 8 dotting tools

    • Or you have painted lots of dot mandalas but have never used Otauna’s pattern instructions

  • You are best suited for an ADVANCED session if…

    • You have painted a number of Otauna’s intermediate level patterns

    • Or you have painted one or more of Otauna’s advanced level patterns with success

How much of my time is required during the two week session? For the beginner and intermediate levels, anticipate spending about 10 hours total. The advanced sessions will vary, depending on the project for the session. Please see the information for each advanced session.

I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still take part? Unfortunately no as the private Facebook group is the hub of activity for the learning community.

I’m not a “crafty” person. Can I do this? Yes! Self-professed non-crafty people walk away from Otauna events and learning sessions with the biggest sense of pride. The Otauna system, Ginger’s teaching know-how, and your willingness to try something new is a magical formula for success.

Are the sessions suitable for young people? Yes! Youth with a Facebook account can take part. Note the the current age requirement by Facebook for having an account is 13.

I can’t make the live tutorials. Should I still take part? It is not necessary to view the tutorials while they are being recorded live. You can view the tutorials at anytime after they are recorded and use the Facebook group platform to ask questions and get feedback on your progress with the project.

I’d like to register someone else as a gift for that person. Is this possible? Yes and there are two ways to do this. (1) If you know the session you’d like to register your loved one for, pay for their spot on this page and enter their Facebook name as you complete the process. (2) You can purchase a gift card at this link, send it to your loved one, and then he/she redeem it for a session of their choice.

Should I order and receive my Otauna dotting tools before I register for a session? It depends on your location in the world and the amount of time until the session begins. Allow about 1 week for shipment of tools within Canada, 2 weeks within the USA, and 6-12 weeks elsewhere.

Materials & supplies

I already have other dotting tools. Do I need to use Otauna’s? All instructions, including those written in PDF digital pattern instructions and communicated in writing and verbally in the Facebook group, will refer to Otauna dotting tools. At this time, Otauna does not have agreements with any other dotting tool production company and so no comparison charts will be provided.

How do I prepare the right paint colours? Colours used in projects do not need to be the exact shade. We have prepared a document to help guide paint selection and mixing. Download it by clicking here.

Can I use a surface to dot on that is smaller than what’s indicated in the project information? No. Please make sure that you use a surface that is at least as big as the indicated required size. If not, your dots may not all fit on the surface you are using.

Flow of the session

When do I receive the pattern instructions for the project(s) in my session? Instructions will be emailed to you in PDF form according to the schedule for your session and not when you first register. This provides everyone in the session with the instructions at the same time, just prior to when they are first needed by the group.

How long will it take for my post in the Facebook group to be responded to? During the two week session, responses will be made within 24 hours. If this expectation can not be met for some unforeseen reason, the group will be notified by email and/or a post in the Facebook group.

Am I expected to interact with other participants in the Facebook group? You can engage at the level that feels right for you. More learning community norms and guidelines will be posted in the Facebook group at the beginning of the session.

What happens if there are technical issues during a live tutorial? If technical issues on Otauna’s end disrupt a live post, the tutorial will resume as soon as the issue is resolved. This typically means within a few minutes of the interruption.

What happens to the Facebook group at the conclusion of the session? The group will be deleted. Depending on the flow of the session and the participants’ needs, the Facebook group page may in place for a few days to allow for a final viewing of tutorials and information.

What is your refund policy?

  • We require a minimum of 10 participants per session. If this minimum is not met, anyone who is registered will be welcomed to take part in an upcoming session of their choice. If this is not suitable for the individual, a full refund will be issued.

  • Other than the minimum number requirement mentioned above, session registrations are non-refundable.

  • If, however, unforeseeable circumstances occur in a participant’s life, a participant can submit a request for their registration to be transferred to a future session or to someone else. These situations will be reviewed and decided upon on a case by case basis.