Mandala Meditations


3 Words Meditation

  1. Create a mandala. Use any materials or tools to dot, paint, and/or arrange items to form a mandala. Allow yourself to just be one with the process and not concern yourself with how the results look.

    An easy place to start is with a large dot in the center.

    Next make four marks at the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions.

    Keep building from there. When stuck as to what to do next, sit quietly, breathe, and wait for inspiration. Go for it when it pops up!

  2. Meditate. Sit quietly and gaze at your completed mandala. Continue to look at it throughout this meditation. Take some deep, slow breaths to allow your thinking to slow down. In your mind, ask the question, “Which three words best connect to this mandala I created?” Aim to not judge or alter what comes through. Write down what you feel, sense, or hear in response. If you receive more than three words, write them all down. They were meant to pop up. If nothing emerges, leave the mandala and return to this part of the exercise at a later time.

  3. Observe. Do the words that came up hold any meaning? For a few days, watch your life as if you are an outsider looking in and see if any connections are made.


What did you experience?

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