Tools for Stoneman Douglas High

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018


Dear Students and Staff of Stoneman Douglas High School,

My name is Ginger. I am an educator and the founder of a growing global organization called Travelling Kindness Rocks. Our programs are open to everyone and emphasize people connecting together to support one another. Dot mandalas weave throughout our programs as a symbol of individuals uniting for a common positive purpose.


A week ago, a Travelling Kindness Rocks follower from Florida noticed our recent posts announcing the Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotting Academy. Our latest initiative connects students and schools around the world through events like our first virtual class set for May 10th. The program allows students to experience the positive benefits of creating mandalas. The question was asked: How can Travelling Kindness Rocks tools, which are needed to participate, make their way to your school community?

 In response, we put together two ways for people around the world to help supply a class set or more of our tools. First, people could purchase and dot The Eagle Soars mandala pattern. The pattern was made using our step by step dot mandala pattern system, which allows people everywhere to replicate the same design. The colours of the pattern are symbolic. The first to be painted, the centre maroon and silver dots were inspired by your school’s colours. These colours are completely encircled by large dots of green, representing comfort, and blue, signifying compassion. The second option for supporters was to sponsor a set of dotting tools.

 Supporters from numerous places around the world contributed to this initiative and together funded the gift of 54 sets of our dotting tools, which are enclosed. Along with our tools, I am offering to lead a virtual training session for students and/or staff.

A list of individuals who contributed to your gift is included. It is our hope that your school community will find healing, like so many others, from the process of dotting mandalas. We invite you to participate in our free Dotting Academy classes and hope that you will find comfort in connecting with other schools and students by doing so. I welcome your staff to contact me through email or phone. I am happy to answer questions and schedule a time for a virtual dotting session.

Warm regards from Canada,


Ginger LeBoutillier
Travelling Kindness Rocks Creator
Bachelor and Masters of Education

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