Sandy's Journey - Heart Block to Hope Rock

February 15, 2016

Written by Sandy Moore, Michigan, USA

Even before my memorable 2015-16 winter journey began, rocks had long been an integral part of my existence. For this, I can thank my mother Emma. Simply said, she never met a rock she did not like. A portion of her final days was spent gathering stones from a nearby stone covered garden. She owned two small sand pails that we exchanged during each of my visits.  Naturally, I had to explain to the owners of that garden that they would see me load them in my car as I left, but that I would ultimately return them on my way to my next visit. They agreed and let my mother have full access to their stoney garden. I often wonder how many times she found and I put back some of those stones. I suspect, "quite a few".

Nestled among the rock collection I inherited from her is a large, smooth, black, Nova Scotia rock. During a Motorcoach trip, with us there, she insisted my husband bring it home for her garden.

After traveling south from Michigan to Florida, and enjoying a morning of water aerobics, I became very ill. Suddenly, I found myself experiencing a Second Degree Heart Block. When all was said and done, I was the thankful, but concerned owner of a Cardiac Pacemaker.  


My plan to fly home to Michigan for a ski vacation with my children and grands was out of the question.  Instead, I faced weeks of recovery and rehabilitation. Sadness, generated by the realization that I faced weeks of no water aerobics, was hidden behind the smiling face captured in the attached post-op photo. Suddenly, I found myself in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. And, oh boy did I get one.

Upon my return to our motor coach, I decided to spend some time enjoying Internet and Facebook.  

All of a sudden, I came face to face with my "Rock of Hope". 


It was like having my mother reach out to me and tell me to not lose HOPE. I realized all was and would be well. Furthermore, I realized I needed to focus on the positive and be grateful for my medical team's timely and successful response to my condition.

Suddenly, I knew what I had to do.   

I immediately wrote Ginger at Traveling Kindness Rocks. Without explanation, I told her I "NEEDED" that, and only that, rock. Without question and without delay, she placed it on hold for me! 

Finally, after weeks of my waiting and it being trapped in the famous NYC "record setting " snowstorm, it arrived. 

I found myself wondering, as I held the unopened package what those who handled it along its journey thought because the packaging left no doubt that it was a "bubble wrapped" rock. I'm only guessing, but I am sure many giggled about this fact.

I am sure my mother is still smiling.


Now, this lovely painted boulder is a permanent fixture in our motor coach.  It has become a symbol of HOPE and a mother's love to all who acknowledge and ask about it.

It has become an integral part of my:

"Inspired Year Mandala Retreat" Sanctuary,  an online experience created by Kathryn Costa.

It is proud symbol of my 2016 Word "Change."

It is also symbolic of my commitment to, as Kristine Carlson so eloquently put it,
"Reinvent My Life From Where I Am Now."

The rays of sunshine symbolized by its yellow center, the freshness of the green middle, and the "waves" of the gentle, calming blue margins...pull everything together for me. It is now my fervent desire/HOPE to make my 6th journey to Nova Scotia. My husband agrees. We both want to travel to this "little bit of heaven on earth" this summer. And, good Lord willing, we will do just that!

So, I want to thank Ginger for creating this "Hope Rock" for me and the multitude of Kindness Rocks she sends to all the corners of this wonderful planet. May God continue to Bless her and her efforts devoted to spreading love in such a beautiful manner.

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