About Our New Name


Over three years ago, the concept of Travelling Kindness Rocks came to founder Ginger while she was out for an afternoon run. From that moment until now, there have been numerous developments and exciting programs and initiatives emerge. It is clear that this work has outgrown a name that defines only one branch of what we do. After years of evolution, our global mission and vision is now clearly articulated… and a new name is needed.

After months of preparing and planning, we are thrilled to announce the new name for our organization: Otauna.


Otauna’s Meaning

The name Otauna is an invented one that captures the two fundamental elements of our vision:



The letter O represents the interconnection between humans and our mission to provide a space for us all to experience this oneness. The O, with its circular shape, is also a reference to the dots that weave throughout our programs.



Tauna is loosely derived from words in a few languages that mean gift. Our programs focus on sharing a gift that represents the collective support of thousands.