Programs for
Schools & Non-Profits

You focus on the  well being, growth, and development of others. Let’s Get them dotting and connected through Otauna’s programs!


Why Dot with Otauna

At Otauna, we are building a world where everyone feels connected and experiences our oneness as a human family. By placing our programs in the hands of individuals focused on the physical, mental, and social well being of those they work with, this mission will expand immensely.

Otauna’s intention is…

  • individuals feeling the most disconnected in our communities will benefit from these programs,

  • our young people will experience unity with others,

  • and people on their path of healing will be uplifted through their involvement in the growing global Otauna community.


You can do it

The materials in Otauan’s programs are developed by our team of educators, directed by our founder and seasoned teacher, Ginger. In fact, Otauna’s beginnings were in Ginger’s public school classroom and blossomed from there.

We break down the process of creating dot mandalas and set you as the instructor up for success, and this includes folks who have no artistic background.

Our programs include the following resources:

  • Every pattern is developed so all dotters may be successful, including first timers.

  • Our step by step instructional pattern system to guide participants.

  • An instructor’s guide for each pattern, outlining additional information for success with the specific pattern.

  • Access to video tutorials on our website.

  • A printed Handbook for Instructors, detailing information general to our pattern painting system, including ideas for adapting the process for different learners.


Benefits to participants

There are numerous benefits an individual may experience when creating art and mandalas and through experiencing a greater connection to others in Otauna’s programs.

For a list, visit our Healing Benefits page.


Who can take part

These programs are designed for organizations that (1) do not make profit and (2) work with individuals to support their well being, growth, development, and/or rehabilitation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • schools and other educational facilities

  • rehabilitation centers

  • correctional facilities

  • youth and teen programs

  • programs for seniors

  • mental health and wellness organizations

  • family resource centers

  • hospitals

  • long term care facilities


Features of our Programs

  • Connect your dotters to others around the world through Otauna’s programs and social media platforms.

  • A terms and conditions agreement for making copies of the program patterns to suit your organization’s needs.

  • A program binder for keeping materials organized.

  • 10% discount on our set of 7 dotting tools when purchased with your program package. We recommend first time dotters start with this set of tools.

  • Patterns that all partner with either of our set of 7 or set of 8 dotting tools, allowing the dot mandala to be created in two different sizes if you wish.

  • Your involvement supports the Otauna mission, with a portion of every purchase you make funding our global programs.


Design Your Program

Please read the Terms & conditions first


Select the patterns and copying rights that suits your organization.
You may include sets of 7 dotting tools with a built in 10% discount with any of the options below.


Inspiring Patterns Program: 6 Patterns


Patterns for the Season Program: 6 Patterns


Combo Program: 12 Patterns