Hi everyone! My name is Ginger. As founder and director of Otauna, I made a conscious choice to focus my time on teaching others dotting and developing Otauna’s programs and mission. Because I do not spend my time creating pieces to sell, very few exist today.

What does exist, I feel drawn now to sharing here, to opening up the possibility for each one to find a new home, and creating room in my work space for more mandalas to emerge to further the Otauna vision.

Each piece below marks a special moment in Otauna’s evolution and my own personal journey. Where there is a story to share, I do so in the description that accompanies the mandala photo.

Thank you to each person who chooses to make a special place in their home for one of the Otauna originals.


authenticity & signature

I have opened my work up to replication through the Otauna pattern system. Since my pieces are copied by others, I am including a signed Certificate of Authenticity with each item purchased from this page to indicate it is the original.

You will notice in the photos below that some pieces do not have a signature yet. I will sign any purchased item before it leaves for its new home.

Mandalas of hope

5% of every purchase supports the Mandalas of Hope program.


Period of Exploration: 2015 - Early 2017


My first dots were painted with my grade 5 and 6 students in May 2015. It was like a fire in my soul lit up. Within a week I was developing my dot mandala techniques and sourcing a variety of items to make dots. Shortly after I focused on expanding my pieces to reach the 12” x 12” size.

The pieces in this section were not created into patterns and pre-date the system completely.



Pattern Originals

When I design pattern instructions, there is always the original mandala created during the process. Many times, the originals are painted on card stock. This is simply to keep things organized! I file the original notes and mandala in a plastic sleeve and fasten these in binders.

For larger pieces and rarely with smaller ones, I design the original mandala on a canvas. This section offers the few canvas originals available.


Little Treasures

I have just a few small scale creations waiting to find homes. A couple were developed into patterns and others not.