Mandalas of Hope

Participate as Dotter


Your Role as a Dotter

Otauna is a social enterprise on a mission to create an ever enlarging space for people to connect, love, and encourage one another. Mandalas of Hope are a universal gesture of support for individuals experiencing life’s darkest moments. They are a tangible representation of thousands of people, travelling the world to be received by specific individuals when support is most needed.

Mandalas of Hope are a gift from everyone who supports this mission.

Painting Mandalas of Hope fills me with a sense of peace and gives me purpose.
— Sue

To Give is to Receive

Mandalas of Hope are meaningful tokens of support for people going through any of life’s most difficult challenges. They have been received and helped individuals in more than 30 countries who are battling an illness, grieving, caring for sick family members, and overcoming traumatic life events. They uplift people experiencing mental health issues, addiction struggles, disabilities, bullying, abuse, and loneliness.

Dotters participate for a variety of personal reasons including:

  • Bringing purpose to their own life

  • Giving back to others and our world

  • Learning about the impact their involvement has on specific recipients and our world as a whole

  • A desire to share joy, support, kindness, and hope with others

  • Being part of a positive global network

  • Experiencing personal healing through relating deeply to the situations of recipients

An example of the required photo.

An example of the required photo.

How to Join the Program

Follow these steps to become part of the Mandalas of Hope dotting network:

  1. Read the information on this page and the Mandalas of Hope request page.

  2. Prepare a photo to submit.

  3. Complete the Dotter Participant Form at the bottom of the page.

  4. An Otauna team member reviews your form and photo and responds to your submission.

Photo requirements

When you submit your Dotter Participant Form, your photo must meet all of these requirements:

1. Dot mandala is a Mandala of Hope pattern. Click here for a list and/or to purchase a digital copy.

2. The mandala has been painted with the Otauna set of 8 dotting tools to create a small scaled mandala.

3. The mandala must be painted on a flat surface so all dots are visible. For this photo, it does not need to be painted on an Otauna disc.

4. The photo includes a ruler, indicating in inches the size of the painted mandala.

5. The mandala and ruler take up 80% or more of the photo. There is little background.

I can’t explain how it felt receiving that heartfelt Mandala of Hope. There’s an energy and love that radiates from them.
— Recipient

Program Flow

Identifying you

As a dotter in the Mandalas of Hope program, you are assigned a number used to identify you throughout your involvement in the program. Otauna maintains the information you provide, such as your location and email address, in our data base.

On the packaging of your Mandalas of Hope, Otauna will include your name and location as you would like it shared with the recipient. You may opt to be anonymous and only share your location. You provide this information when you purchase your first set of program supplies.


Participating dotters purchase instructions for patterns used in the program and Otauna dotting discs on the program supplies page. When you buy your first package, there is a one-time program enrollment fee of $20 to cover time spent reviewing your form and setting you up in the system.

Once your materials arrive, you are ready to begin dotting.


From you to OTauna

Every mandala in this program is one of the specific patterns that people request for their loved ones. This includes CALM, CHEERFUL, LOVE is all we need, WISDOM, GRATITUDE, BALANCE, FRIENDSHIP, DIVERSITY, and STRENGTH. They are painted on the dotting disc you purchased and received as part of your supplies.

  1. Prepare your Mandala(s) of Hope for shipment by filling in the pattern name and your program number on the back of the envelope.

  2. Leave the back blank.

  3. Mail your Mandala(s) of Hope to Otauna’s headquarters. You may ship one at a time or many at once.


From Otauna to the Recipient

Otauna keeps all Mandalas of Hope organized before and during request fulfillment.

  1. The Otauna logo is stamped on the back of the disc and the Otauna name stamped on the front.

  2. The mandala is matched to a request and placed in the official Mandalas of Hope packaging. The personal message from the requester is added, if applicable, and the envelope addressed.

  3. Otauna lets the person who requested the Mandala of Hope know it is about to be mailed.

  4. You receive an e-card outlining the destination and purpose for the mandala you contributed.

  5. The Mandala of Hope you painted is then mailed, all expenses covered, to the recipient wherever they happen to be in the world.



How much experience with dotting should I have before submitting my form and photo? A bit of experience is required. If you are a beginner, visit our How to Paint a Pattern page to start and begin with our set of 7 dotting tools. Prior to submitting your form and photo, practice one or more of the patterns used in this program with our set of 8 dotting tools.

Do I need to commit to painting a specific number of Mandalas of Hope? No. Paint and return to Otauna the amount that feels right for you.

Am I required to paint all of the different patterns in the program? No. You can paint as many or as few as you’d like.

Do I sign the mandala before sending it back to Otauna? No. Your name and location will be shared on packaging of the Mandala of Hope, following how you choose it to be written.

Once my painted mandala(s) arrive at Otauna, how long until it/they are sent out as Mandala(s) of Hope? This will always depend on a few factors including (1) the number of requests, (2) the specific patterns requested, and (3) the amount of funds available for running the program. Therefore, the time between receiving your contributions and sending them out will fluctuate.

Why is it necessary for Otauna to mail the Mandalas of Hope? Can’t I mail them and skip sending them to Otauna? Because this is a highly elaborate organizational system that uses carefully monitored available revenue to sustain it, Otauna must oversee the matching of mandalas to requests, communicating with all people involved (dotters, and people submitting requests for loved ones), and the spending of allotted finances. Also, information provided in the request form, such as the recipient’s name and mailing address, must be treated confidentially.

Is there a minimum age requirement? No. Minors may participate with the support of a parent/guardian for purchasing supplies and shipping mandalas back to Otauna.

Can my school or non-profit organization take part? Yes. Packages are available for schools and non-profits which includes permission to make copies of many patterns used within the Mandalas of Hope program. Visit this page and look for the Inspiring Patterns program. After your group gains confidence with these materials, they will then need to dot the same patterns on the small scale using our set of 8 dotting tools. Each person in your group who wishes to participate as a Mandalas of Hope dotter must complete the form and submit a photo at the bottom of this page. Your organization, however, can be responsible for purchasing supplies and shipping painted mandalas back to Otauna.

How much will it cost me for each Mandala of Hope I paint? The costs to you include the dotting disc and envelope ($4 Canadian) and shipping back to Otauna. Shipping expenses vary country to country and depends on the level of shipping service you select. Some examples of expected cost are under $2 within Canada to ship one dotted disc and about $6 to ship via air from the United Kingdom. To save on overall shipping costs, you may ship a number of painted mandalas to Otauna at once if you wish.

May I use the patterns in the program to create other mandalas that I sell or gift to family and/or friends? Yes. However, please note that if you know of someone who is in need of uplifting support, we encourage you to direct their loved one to submit a request for a Mandala of Hope through our program rather than gifting one of the special patterns in the program to this individual yourself. Doing so will help sustain the program and provide the recipient with a mandala that is connected to the thousands of people supporting the program.

Will all of the dotted mandalas I send to Otauna be used as Mandalas of Hope? Yes.

What happens if I decide to discontinue participating as a dotter? Please let Otauna know. We will send out any of your mandalas still at our headquarters and then remove you from our participating dotter list.

If I discontinue with the program, will Otauna buy back the products I’ve purchased and haven’t used? No.

Other than dotting the mandalas, how else can I help support the program? The success and expansion of the program depends on three key elements: requests for Mandalas of Hope, participating dotters, and available revenue to fund the program. Sharing and spreading the word is a huge help as well as making purchases and taking part in other Otauna initiatives.

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