Plan an Event with Otauna


Events & our mission

A driving force of Otauna’s mission and vision to connect humanity dot by dot is our ever evolving dotting events. Founder, Ginger, started out in 2015 with the ability to work with a group of less than 10. Since then, Otauna has expanded in its capacity to work with larger numbers of participants and in its creative way to connect groups.

At an event, participants are guided step by step through our pattern process. Our system allows everyone to replicate the same dot mandala with ease. It is a symbolic representation of connectivity, the foundation for our global programs, and likely the introduction to an enjoyable, mindful past time.


Why work with us

As a social enterprise supporting individuals and causes, our event collaboration benefits both your organization and fuels our mission.

For your organization, an event can be:

  • A fundraiser for your cause, either partnering with a single branch or multiple branches of an organization

  • A wellness and mindfulness event

  • Focused on a theme meaningful to your group, reflected in the chosen pattern we dot together

It also supports Otauna’s mission:

  • A percentage of Otauna’s funds from the event finance our founding program, Travelling Kindness Rocks, in turn supporting recipients around the world.

  • Participants now introduced to our pattern system may choose to continue their involvement in our global initiatives.


Our growing capabilities

Our goal is to continue to stretch our event capabilities to offer exciting and powerful ways for groups to connect. Here’s what we can do today…

  • Offer events with up to 200 participants

  • Lead participants ages 9+ successfully through our dotting pattern process

  • Modify the pattern process for younger age groups

  • Take registrations and organize the participant list

  • Lead participants through dotting a pattern from our extensive collection or a pattern developed for your organization (additional fee)

  • Offer events throughout the Maritime provinces of Canada

  • Connect a group in the Maritime provinces with one in British Columbia, participants connecting virtually to simultaneously dot


Hi there! My name is Ginger. I am the founder of Otauna and am passionate about bringing my vision for connecting the world to life through dotting events. I love partnering with organizations because each one brings new, creative ways we can work together to connect people.

I hold a Bachelor and Masters of Education and have fourteen hears of teaching experience. Although I gladly wear many hats as Otauna’s CEO, I am most excited when leading an event. Through virtual formats, I have taught dotting to thousands around the world and trained others to facilitate events using our pattern system and products. I have travelled extensively throughout Canada to work with groups in person and speak about Otauna’s mission.

It would be my pleasure to connect with you and chat about our amazing event just waiting around the bend.


Let’s get started!

The fundraiser we held with Otauna not only brought together family, friends, and community members for an afternoon of fun and creativity, but it allowed us to contribute funds to a near and dear cause.
— Sue, event collaborator