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Inspired by the Canada 150 logo


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Inspired by the Canada 150 logo, the DIVERSITY pattern bursts with an abundance of colours representing our entire human family. Its beauty exists because of each colour uniting together harmoniously. May the pattern parallel communities of all sizes in our world.



inspired by the equinox


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The dots of the BALANCE pattern were inspired by the Equinox, when our planet experiences an equal amount of sunlight and darkness in one day. Maintaining such balance in our lives can be a challenge. Let this completed pattern be a reminder of the beauty found when we take the necessary steps to find our balance.



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The GRATITUDE pattern was created using colours that traditionally represent this theme. Where ever the completed mandala is seen, may it remind the onlooker to pause and be grateful for life’s blessings. As we spend time focusing on the positives, more to be grateful appears in our lives. Magic.


LOVE is all we need

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In the LOVE is all we need pattern, the colours are symbolic. The blue dots represent a difficult period in one’s life. Often in these times, all we need to get us through is the love of someone else. The pink dots encircle the blue, symbolizing the love that surrounds us when we need it most.



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The FRIENDSHIP pattern mimics the cheerful and vibrant energy friends bring to our lives. This dot mandala gift celebrates one such beautiful friendship.