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Mandalas of Hope are a universal gesture of support for recipients experiencing life’s darkest moments. They are a tangible representation of thousands of people, travelling the world to be received by specific individuals when support is most needed.

The Mandalas of Hope program is a highly organized network and system.

Requests for Mandalas of Hope are submitted for loved ones through the Otauna website and shipped directly to recipients from the Otauna headquarters in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Volunteer participants from around the world dot the mandalas which each have a specific meaning.



Mandalas of Hope are a gift from everyone who supports this mission and are, therefore, a symbol of universal support.

The black background, centre white dot, and colourful dots carry the same meaning in all mandalas that flow through the program.

The mandalas follow the Otauna pattern system, where each pattern holds its own unique symbolism as well. See below for all of the patterns to choose from and their descriptions.


Request One for Your Loved One

Mandalas of Hope are meaningful tokens of support for people going through any of life’s most difficult challenges. They have been received and helped individuals in more than 30 countries who are battling an illness, grieving, caring for sick family members, and overcoming traumatic life events. They uplift people experiencing mental health issues, addiction struggles, disabilities, bullying, abuse, and loneliness.

To request a Mandala of Hope for your loved one, follow these steps:

  1. From the options at the bottom of the page, select a Mandala of Hope with meaning appropriate for your loved one.

  2. Continue through the screens until you click the Add to Cart button. The request form will appear. Fill in the details required for your loved one’s Mandala of Hope.

  3. Proceed through and complete the check out process. As you submit a request for your loved one, you will also sponsor $10 to help cover the expenses for the request that immediately follows yours. Continue reading down the page for information on how costs of the program are covered with the support of many people and/or if you are unable to pay the sponsorship.

  4. Within one-two business days, an Otauna team member adds your request to the list and communicates with you about the approximate shipment date.

I received a Mandala of Hope when I was in a low point in my grief. It brought me such conform to know I am supported by not only my friend who requested but also the universal support it brought me as well.

Request Fulfillment

Otauna team members address the envelope, hand write your personal message (if you include one), and match your request to a painted Mandala of Hope supplied by our network of participating dotters. You receive an email to let you know this special gift for your loved one has been shipped.

The current wait time from the time of your request to when your Mandala of Hope is shipped, as we establish new procedures for the recently transformed Mandalas of Hope program, is 2 weeks. Our goal is to shorten this as our new program structure solidifies.

Shipping times vary and no tracking numbers are used at present, keeping costs at a minimum. Typically, shipping time is about one week within Canada, two weeks to a location in the United States, and between two and four months to other countries throughout the world.

Information provided in the request form is treated confidentially. When photos of Mandalas of Hope are posted by the Otauna team to social media, general destinations are often stated, but not in combination with other details about the recipients.

The dotter of your loved one’s Mandala of Hope receives an e-card sharing only the destination of the mandala and a general statement about the purpose (eg. recipient is ill or grieving).


How Expenses are Covered


The average cost of a Mandala of Hope is $17.70 Canadian. This includes shipping, packaging, handling, communications, and administration of the program. It does not include the value of the painting and the surface the mandala is painted on (dotting disc). The volunteer dotter covers the expense of the dotting disc and provides the painting free of charge.

The average cost of a  Mandala of Hope  is $17.70 Canadian.

The average cost of a Mandala of Hope is $17.70 Canadian.


To sustain and expand the program, a balance of requests and funds is carefully monitored. Expenses are covered through three channels, including earmarking $1 from every digital pattern sale on this website as well as a percent from all other sales. At the moment, this percent of sales fluctuates as we establish the new program structure.

The remainder of the expense is covered by a $10 sponsorship.

Coverage of the  Mandalas of Hope  expenses.

Coverage of the Mandalas of Hope expenses.

Example of the e-card sent to a sponsor.

Example of the e-card sent to a sponsor.

A sponsor for every Mandala of hope

This covers a portion of the cost of a Mandala of Hope.

  1. The Mandala of Hope for your loved one has been sponsored by the person who submitted a request right before you.

  2. The request you submit sponsors the Mandala of Hope requested after yours.

  3. If you can’t afford the $10 sponsorship, you may submit the Request Sponsor Coverage form at the bottom of the page.

  4. You may sponsor more Mandalas of Hope by clicking here.


Submit a Request Here

Thinking of your loved one’s situation, select the Mandala of Hope you’d like sent to him/her.



If you are unable to afford the $10 sponsorship to cover a portion of sending a Mandala of Hope, but would like to request one for your loved one, complete this form.