Kindness Rocks


Travelling Kindness Rocks is the trademarked name for free dot mandala stones requested through our website by anyone anywhere for their loved one who needs support. If you have a loved one who you'd like to have a free Travelling Kindness Rock sent to, read this page then complete the request form at the bottom.


Intention & Symbolism

Travelling Kindness Rocks are sent to people going through a difficult time in their lives with the intention of bringing them a gesture of support. Painted by trained volunteer team members, they are a symbolic token of kindness from the thousands of people around the world who financially support the Travelling Kindness Rocks through their purchases and involvement in Otauna.

Each Travelling Kindness Rock is accompanied by a letter that explains the program, including the symbolism of the painted stones:

Black Background: The black base represents the difficult time in the recipient's life.

Centre White Dot: The first to be painted, the centre white dot signifies hope and the focus of one's spiritual beliefs.

Colourful Dots: The organized dots of the mandala symbolize our united gesture of kindness and interconnectedness.

A Travelling Kindness Rock poses for a photo at Newport Landing, which is posted in social media before it travels to bring kindness.

The Request process

Once you complete the form below, we receive the information as an email. Your request is then put on a list and we email you with an approximate date of when the request will be fulfilled.

Team members address the envelope, hand write your personal message (if you include one), and a volunteer team member paints the Travelling Kindness Rock.

Once all of these items are ready, you then receive an email with a photo of the Travelling Kindness Rock you requested, just prior to its mailing.


Other Info

Wait Time: The usual wait time is about 2 weeks from the time your request is received to when your Travelling Kindness Rock is placed in the mail.

Shipping Time & Tracking: Shipping times vary and no tracking numbers are used at present. Typically, shipping time is about one week within Canada, two weeks to a location in the United States, and between two and four months to other countries throughout the world.

Confidentiality: Information provided in the request form is treated confidentially. When photos of Travelling Kindness Rocks are posted by us in social media, general destinations are often stated, but not in combination with other details of the recipients.

Letter: To read a copy of the letter that accompanies Travelling Kindness Rocks, click here.


Request Form

Please note that by completing the request form your name is added to the Otauna newsletter mailing list. The newsletter is used to pass on inspiring stories related to the Travelling Kindness Rocks and other updates.

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Your Name
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Recipient's Address
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