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A percentage of every purchase supports the journeys of the Travelling Kindness Rocks


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Dot your pattern of choice and gift it with our Dots that Connect the World Tag. Write your own personal message on the inside.


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These dots were created following the Otauna pattern system. Focused on providing opportunities for people to connect and support each other, Otauna uses dot mandalas to symbolize our unity.

With the Otauna system, the same pattern is replicated around the globe. The dots represent participating individuals, the organized mandala symbolizes our interconnectedness. The more they are dotted, the more this positive work is strengthened in our world.


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In the founding Otauna program, Travelling Kindness Rocks, free dot mandala stones requested through our website are mailed directly to individuals experiencing a difficult time in their life.

Dotted by trained volunteer team members, postage is financed by purchases of Otauna patterns, dotting supplies, and other products. As they are supported by thousands, Travelling Kindness Rocks are a healing gift from humanity.