February 15, 2018

Photo credit: Element5 Digital

Photo credit: Element5 Digital

It is with great excitement and a bit of nervousness that I share big news about Travelling Kindness Rocks: I have accepted fully the task of expanding this growing global organization as my life’s work. To explain in a different way, I have resigned from my teaching position with the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.

The concept of Travelling Kindness Rocks began over two and a half years ago with the help of the families, staff, and students of Falmouth District School, Nova Scotia, Canada, where I was teaching full time. For one year, I worked as a teacher, meanwhile establishing the Travelling Kindness Rocks concept, developing a structure so that people anywhere can request one for their loved one.

Very early on, within a month or two, a driving force to take a leave of absence from my teaching position lead me to do just that. It was an extreme leap of faith as I had no idea how a giving project could sustain an income. In August 2016 I began a leave of absence from my teaching position.

It is time to take the next step in the journey, a step I take in faith, knowing that my work is just beginning: resignation from my teaching position.

My vision for Travelling Kindness Rocks is two-fold. First, I’ll share with you my goal for the founding program, Travelling Kindness Rocks. I envision a global network of volunteer dotters, sending a greater number of free Travelling Kindness Rocks as funds increase. Currently the only organizational centre is in Nova Scotia, with all Travelling Kindness Rocks flowing out to recipients from this point. My goal is to travel to more places to offer events, which will be the seeds needed for new organizational centres to spring up and grow.

The second part of my vision revolves around the instructional pattern system, with an increasing number of people taking part in our other programs, forming a collective voice of unity. Global Dotting Time is a free event format, broadcasted live through YouTube, where people across the world simultaneously dot the same pattern. While doing so, we are transcending borders. The Pattern Club connects people in support of charities, with participants dotting the same design on a monthly basis. These are just the beginnings of the possibilities for weaving together dotting the same mandala and the positive connections we can make.

I believe that my purpose here on this planet is to bring into existence the concept and platform of Travelling Kindness Rocks. My role is to create the space and the possibility for people to connect, support each, and even to experience healing. My role is, with intuitive guidance, to expand this space and organizational structure outwards so more people can participate. Just as importantly, others must step into this space with me. Thank you to everyone who has already done this and continues to be involved. Your contribution to Travelling Kindness Rock’s work, each and every one, is the affirmation I need to make this step.

This work is a life-long pursuit. Years from now there will be organizational centres throughout the world. When your loved one is ill or grieving and you request a Travelling Kindness Rock, that gift will travel, just as it does now, free of charge but it will represent millions of us within the dots on that small stone. Years from now, when there is a natural disaster, threat of war, or another situation where humans need to be reminded that we are here on this planet to support each other, millions will gather, simultaneously dot a mandala and hold them all up in peaceful unity. 

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