My Wish for 2018

December 26, 2017

Photo credit: Saad Chaudhry

Photo credit: Saad Chaudhry

What is your wish, hope, or dream for yourself for 2018? Mine is so clear and defined, it rarely strays from the top of my thoughts. It faces me first thing in the morning. It only gives me reprieve when I visit with friends, family, and get a bit distracted.

My wish is for total clarity, grace and ease with my personal path. What is to happen with Travelling Kindness Rocks? I have until March 1, 2018 to figure it out.

For those who may be playing catch up a bit, I am a teacher. Travelling Kindness Rocks began in my classroom about two and a half years ago. For the first year, I taught grade 5 and 6 students math, language arts, and so on as Travelling Kindness Rocks evolved into a global giving program with the support of my school community. There was no business aspect to it.

I knew I was meant to allow it to all grow. I applied for one year leave of absence from my teaching position and it was granted. 2016-2017 was the year I began to connect monetary value to Travelling Kindness Rocks. My life partner, Steve, was laid off from his carpentry position and began to make our tools full time. I developed my pattern process. With the likelihood that a second year’s leave would be allowed by my school board, I applied. It was granted.

That’s where I am now, in the middle of the 2017-2018 school year. I am on a leave of absence from my teaching position. I have a deadline of March 1 to notify the school board of my intentions for the 2018-2019 academic year.

I know it would be highly unusual for a third year leave of absence to be granted. It feels like its decision time.

My calling, passion, soul mission, and life’s purpose is so crystal clear: unite people, teach folks near and far, young and young at heart to create dot mandalas as a platform for connecting with others, share my gifts, heal the world.

Until the end of November I was putting all things in place to resign from my teaching position so that my life will be completely open to the potentialities, to this work, to this important mission.

But then December 1st hit. People stopped signing up for dotting events, the main source of revenue. Online sales dwindled after the Christmas shipping deadline and then all but ceased as December 25th arrived. Taken aback by the drastic turn of revenue, at least 50% and thousands of dollars less for this month, the questions started to come. Should I give up a pensionable job that supports my family, one with benefits and a secure, steady income?

How quickly I spiraled into this thought process. With ninja speed, I framed December with ego’s guidance.

But what if the slower pace of December is to allow time with my family and friends before the work of 2018 begins? I see ventures to more and more places to set up branches of the Travelling Kindness Rocks network. I see bigger events and more people connecting together. I see my new work with the youth mandalas multiplying. I see this still is my soul’s purpose.

It takes trust and faith to share this with all of you. Every day I face the question: what am I to do? My hope for 2018 is that I make the best decision for myself, my family, and humanity.

I know the answer will come with grace and ease and perfect timing. When doubt comes, all I need to do to be assured of this is reflect on my path so far.

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