First Travelling Kindness Rock to the Czech Republic


January 16, 2016

This week, the first Travelling Kindness Rock to journey to the Czech Republic left on its winding journey. The envelope was addressed to Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada, and to a family who is hosting an exchange student named Radovan Opocensky.

Radovan is from the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Since September, he has stayed with the Slaney family and attended Barrington Municipal High School. In just a few days, he will return to his home country in order to graduate from high school. He will bring with him the Travelling Kindness Rock seen in the photo here.

Radovan has enjoyed his time in Nova Scotia. Highlights for him have been watching movies, including Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as he has never heard the true voices of the actors until spending time in Canada. For the Slaney family, having Radovan has been especially a treat for their only son, Christopher.

After graduation in the Czech Republic, Radovan plans to continue his studies in Scotland and reside in England. As life unfolds, he will find someone who needs a little kindness and help that person in some way. This is where the Travelling Kindness Rock comes in. After his act of kindness is complete, Radovan will give the TKR to that person. He's going to instruct the person to continue this chain, moving the kindness, and the TKR, forward to others. Radovan plans to document all of this with photos, so be on the look out in social media for the unique journey of this TKR that is set to bring kindness to many!

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