The First TKR to Belgium

January 16, 2016


The first Travelling Kindness Rock sent to Belgium arrived there a few weeks ago along with the first French copy of the TKR letter. The journey to this moment started in September with my first swirl painted rock.

A number of months ago, I connected with a lady name Anouk through a Facebook group called Waldorf Tag Sale. This group is for families and teachers who follow Waldorf education principles and use the group to buy and sell natural products for children.   Anouk noticed my rocks for sale in the group and asked me to create one that featured a rainbow swirl.

A rainbow swirl?  This challenged me, to say the least.  After pondering how to paint such a design, it eventually came to me. Anouk was pleased with the finished result, and off the rock journeyed to the USA.

Arlette is the first person in Belgium to receive a Travelling Kindness Rock.

Arlette is the first person in Belgium to receive a Travelling Kindness Rock.

A few months later, Anouk contacted me again. This time, she requested a Travelling Kindness Rock for her relative, Arlette, who lives in Belgium. Arlette speaks French, so Anouk offered to take the TKR letter and translate it. And so, the letter written here in Nova Scotia, Canada, was translated into French by Anouk in the USA, and mailed to Arlette in Dalhem, Belgium.

Since the TKRs arrival, Anouk visited Arlette and took this photo. She reports that Arlette “loved receiving it and teared up.” The TKR is on display in her home in Belgium, on Arlette’s favourite piece of furniture in front of her wedding day photo.

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