Mandalas of Hope

Transformation from
Travelling Kindness Rocks


What is the vision for the mandalas of hope program?

Otauna’s mission is to create an ever enlarging space for people to connect, love, and encourage one another. Like the Travelling Kindness Rocks, Mandalas of Hope are a universal gesture of support for individuals experiencing life’s darkest moments. They are a tangible representation of thousands of people, travelling the world to be received as a message of hope.

By making key, strategic changes to the Travelling Kindness Rocks structure, it is now possible for the program to expand to positively impact a growing number of people. This includes recipients, participating dotters, and people requesting a Mandala of Hope. Individuals, non-profit organizations, schools, and Otauna dotting instructors will all have the opportunity to participate as dotters as the program transforms. Followers and supporters will experience our interconnectedness as we lift up individuals in need around the world.

What challenges needed to be addressed?

The average cost of shipping a mandala through our program to a recipient is $17.70 Canadian.

The average cost of shipping a mandala through our program to a recipient is $17.70 Canadian.

There were three key challenges in the Travelling Kindness Rocks program to address in order to create a sustainable and expandable structure:

  1. Financial sustainability: At an average cost of $17.70 to ship each mandala, funds from Otauna purchases were not enough to sustain the organization and expand the program.

  2. Program recognition and awareness: With so many wonderful initiatives related to kindness, rocks, and dot mandalas, public clarity around the unique service that Otauna offers is needed.

  3. Program structure: A complex organization system is required to run this program as it includes requests, recipients, and participating dotters from around the world. Therefore, simplified requirements and standardized materials for participating dotters is needed.

What has changed?

Out of the $17.70 required to send each  Mandala of Hope , $10 will be covered by a sponsorship. The remainder will be funded through Otauna sales.

Out of the $17.70 required to send each Mandala of Hope, $10 will be covered by a sponsorship. The remainder will be funded through Otauna sales.

The following changes are being made to transform the Travelling Kindness Rocks program into the Mandalas of Hope program:

  1. Financial sustainability:

    • The cost to run all aspects of the program are built into Otauan’s business plans and the structure of the Mandalas of Hope program.

    • Dotters in the program will continue to cover the expenses incurred for shipping their mandalas to the Otauna headquarters and now will also be responsbile to pay for the pattern instructions and dotting surfaces used in the program.

  2. Program recognition and awareness:

    • The name of the program.

    • Packaging.

    • Dotting discs will be used as a surface for the mandalas and not rocks.

  3. Program structure:

    • Specific program materials used by participating dotters.

    • A specific symbolic Otauna pattern, related to the recipient’s situation, will be requested rather than the very open ended color requests of the Travelling Kindness Rocks.

    • Easy application process to become a participating dotter, open to individuals, schools, and non-profits.

WHat stays the same?

The following elements from the Travelling Kindness Rocks program will remain the same in the Mandalas of Hope program:

  • Mandalas of Hope are free to the people receiving them.

  • Requests for a Mandala of Hope are submitted through the Otauna website from anywhere in the world.

  • A large portion of the expense of sending a Mandala of Hope is covered through the purchases of Otauna products and the involvement in our other programs. Therefore, they continue to be a symbol of universal support from everyone involved.

  • The symbolism of all Mandalas of Hope:

    • Black background: The black base represents the difficult time in the recipient’s life.

    • Center white dot: The first to be painted, the center white dot signifies hope and the focus of one’s spiritual beliefs.

    • Colourful dots: The organized dots of the mandala symbolize our united gesture of support and interconnectedness.


Why are rocks no longer being used?

The Travelling Kindness Rocks program existed for 3.5 years. During that time, the use of rocks repeatedly posed issues. Switching to a standardized dotting surface made available through Otauna overcomes these challenges:

  • All mandalas in the Travelling Kindness Rocks program had to be painted on very thin rocks of a certain diameter to meet shipping requirements. Many people do not have access to appropriate rocks.

  • There are laws and guidelines against collecting rocks in many areas of the world.

  • Because of other initiatives that incorporate painting/writing on rocks, Otauna’s unique rock-related program was being misunderstood. A different standardized dotting surface with accompanying packaging will help the program develop as a distinct service and in turn connect and support more people.

  • The components of the new program, Mandalas of Hope, have taken months to develop and are carefully considered and planned out. The specific patterns within the new program are all designed so intermediate dotters may be able to participate and produce a specific size mandala. Patterns, packaging, and shipping materials have all been developed to coordinate together with the new standardized dotting surface. These changes will allow an exponential number of people to participate in the program.